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Web Analytics Salaries trend 2007-2009

Posted by Val Khotemlyansky on December 7, 2009

2 years later after publishing “Web Analytics Salaries2007 – Insights and observations from web analytics demystified” by Eric T. Peterson and Zori Bayriamova in Dec 2007 and “Web Analytics Salary Survey 2007” by Anil Batra

What has been changed since Dec 2007?

Table 1: Number of open positions related to web analytics 2007-2009  (Source: Indeed.com)

Figure 1: Number of postings at Indeed.com looking for “web analytics” skills and experience

As we can see from the graph above the trend remains more or less the same.

Figure 2: Average pre-tax earnings (including salary and bonus) for web analytics practitioners working for U.S companies by total experience – 2007

Figure 3: “Has the current economic situation affected your Web analytics strategy in any of the following ways?” 2009

From a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, May 2009. Base: 198 Enterprise Web analytics users

Table 2: Web Traffic Analyst Salary Data. United States National Average: Dec 2009

Source: ERI Economic Research Institute, Inc and Expert Salary PAQ Services, Inc

Web Traffic Analyst code includes also the following positions: website traffic analyst; analyst Internet traffic; analyst website traffic; internet traffic analyst.

Figure 4: Website Traffic Analyst Salary Survey Data – Dec 2009

ERI’s values are derived 100% from employer-provided input, including digitization of records, leased datasets, and ERI’s proprietary salary surveys, all targeted to specific jobs

Source: ERI Economic Research Institute, Inc.

From “Web Analytics Salaries2007 – Insights and observations from web analytics demystified” published by Eric T. Peterson and Zori Bayriamova in Dec 2007: ” As you would expect, the more experience you have doing web analytics, the more you’re going to make. No huge insight there, but it does appear that at least in today’s job market there are three categories of experience: less than three years, three to five years, and more than five years of experience.”

If you look at Figure 2 in 2007 the first group 2 was clustered around $80,000 USD, the second around $90,000 USD, and the third at $105,000-120,000

If we assume that those 3 groups are represented in table 2:

Figure 5: Comparing Website Traffic Analyst Salary Survey Data 2009 and Web Analytics Salaries 2007

In Nov 2009 The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) released its second in-house salary survey.

The summary of the report was published for general public review, but the entire report is available to members only.

One of the most encouraging outcome from this survey is that salaries have increased since SEMPO’s previous survey, regardless of how much experience respondents have with in-house search marketing.

Table 3: Comparing two surveys from 2007 and 2009

Web Analytics Association (WAA) has released “The 2008 Job Compensation and Profile Survey” in August 2008. Unfortunately the results were available to WAA members only. The same is for other 2009 surveys.


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